Friday, December 4, 2009

Found! Bone Zodiacs Leather Armband

July 7, 2010 UPDATE: Reunited and it feels so good.
After receiving an email from a lovely member of the Inland Empire Lady Zodiacs, I am happy to say I will be sending this armband home to its rightful owner, Bone, this week. What an unexpected and exciting project this was! It seems as if this armband has been logging plenty of miles, whether on the arm of its owner or not. If only this armband could talk -- I'm sure it and its owner would have many travel stories to swap.

UPDATE: Thanks to my readers, I have found out that Zodiacs is the name of the motorcycle club, or M.C., and Bone is more than likely the name of one of the members. Inland Empire is a region in California, southeast of Los Angeles. I am currently waiting for a reply from their president in the hopes I can get this patch back to its original owner.
Check out their awesome club!

SOMETIMES PEOPLE BRING THINGS into the office in the hopes other people in the office will help get rid of it. Halloween candy comes to mind first. Heck, finding a used pair of slippers in the breakroom would come to mind before what I found last week.

A large palm-sized piece of black leather, boldy hand-painted in school-bus yellow immediately caught my eye against the greys and cold blue hues of the office lunch area. I picked up what looked to be a patch of some sort and found that it was an arm band. Attached to the sides of the leather with brass studs, a tough, thick band of elastic loops around the back. It would look at home over the arm of a leather biker jacket.

As you can see, the armband announces something called Bone Zodiacs and specifies in smaller hand printing, Inland Empire. I'm guessing that its original owner has the initials M.C.

A co-worker found this in a rental car in California a few years ago and tried to find the armband's owner as best he could. He held on to it for a while until it ended up in the lunchroom, not orphaned for long. It's a pretty interesting piece of leatherwork, and I'm quite curious to find out what the Bone Zodiacs are, and where the Inland Empire is.

There is a message on the back. If this is your patch, tell me what the message on the back is and I will happily return it to you, if you want it.