Friday, July 29, 2011

Prosthetic Limbs, Mowing the Lawn, and Monster Munch

Photo by Bunny Ultramod
Because I live life on the wild side, I thought I had better start planning for my future by picking out a prosthetic limb. I'm betting I'll lose an arm some day -- you know, drinking mishap -- so started working on a prototype. Still have some work to do on that grip. You know, to hold a martini.

Coco and Paul Martin. Photo by Bunny Ultramod
Got a behind-the-scenes tour of the Science Museum's massive exhibit shop from Paul Martin, the Museum's Senior Vice President of Science and Learning. I tried out some prototype exhibits and also got to explore the vault a little. Couldn't bring my camera in though.

Saw some priceless artifacts -- it was nothing short of a room full of shelf upon shelf of treasures. Quite exciting. While I was there I found out some of the heirloom seeds they have are currently up on the International Space Station for an experiment. As you know, I love space, so this news thrilled me.

Saw some actual dinosaur bones up close and personal, as well as an ancient Mandan bull boat, spears, Chippewa Indian bead-work, and ancient Mexican ceramic sculptures. It was a good day in the Science Museum's vault, for sure.

Oh, I got a look inside my head.

Photo by Bunny Ultramod

And played with some nano particles.

Bunny and I headed over to The Walker yet again for their Open Field activities. Sat on the lawn while they did a lawn mowing demonstration (told you I live on the wild side) and hung out a bit with a couple of the artists-in-residence, Samuel Bing and Sinosa Loa of the band Fol Chen. They were creating customized, one-of-a-kind songs for people with their Verbal Algorithm Composer-Free Song Generator.

Also listened to a sheep sniff around in the grass a bit.

Like the rest of the world, I am a bit fascinated with one Mr. Karl Pilkington. He mentions a snack he likes, Monster Munch, fairly frequently so I decided I wanted to try them, too. I got pickled onion flavor, which is pretty good. I like how tangy they are -- kind of like dill pickle chips (and I LOVE Old Dutch brand dill pickle chips). I want to try more flavors of these. They are tasty! I was expecting potato chips, but they are actually baked corn and kind of puffy. The packaging is fun to read, too: "Suitable for monsters and vegetarians."

Have a fine and dandy weekend, Chester!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Meeting and Eating

Remember to buy this and this.

Haven't been taking advantage of eating at all the food trucks parked around my neighborhood, but I did make a point of trying a sandwich from Turkey To Go. It was simple -- just pulled turkey on a plain hamburger bun, but somehow it was pretty sumptuous.

Checked out 1,001 Chairs at the Walker and saw chairs of all sizes and shapes set up outside on their patio on the corner of Groveland and Hennepin. The official name of the event was 1001 Chairs: An Observance in Honor of Silenced Voices. And when I say all sizes, I mean it. There were some Duplo-person sized chairs out along with the human-sized ones that people donated.

Saturday was an all-day affair. Found myself at the sculpture garden again, on one of the most hot and humid days of the year. This time I was there to dance. Good timing, right?  

Thank goodness an ice cream truck came by (got a massive Bomb Pop, ran into cwethern chewing on a Ninja Turtle). 


Bunny and I were there along with about 200 people to be a part of a Where the Hell is Matt? video. He's the fellow who's videos of him dancing badly in various places around the world have gone about as viral as viral can get. Nice guy! 

After that Bunny and I headed over to Joe's Garage. There was talk of a celebrity showing up there. Sure enough, lights and cameras were being set up in a back room. Then they wheeled in the woodchipper. That's right. Celebrities don't necessarily have to be people, just a noun. I consider the Empire State Building to be a celebrity, for instance. And an actual prop button can even be elevated to some minor celebrity notoriety. And on Saturday night Bunny and I got our photo with the Eager Beaver woodchipper that had a pretty memorable cameo in the Coen brothers movie Fargo.

Loving the hot weather, by the way. Reminds me of when I lived in New Orleans and of telling people who complained about the humidity there that it gets much worse in Minnesota.

Have a drink and remember all those snow emergencies we had last winter. 

Have one helluva week, Chester.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Bang and a Bombshell

Photo by Bunny Ultramod
Well my week started off with a bang -- fourth of July, you know -- and ended with a couple of bombshells.

Headed to my mom and dad's house for a little getaway to the 'burbs and played bartender. I am getting really good at making mojitos. What else are we supposed to do with all the fresh mint growing in the yard? Once the sun went down we shot some fireworks over the house and ran around with sparklers for a bit.

Recent Bride #1; Emily Bennett Beck

Visited the SooVac gallery for their latest show Untitled 8. I'm always so excited to attend each of their exhibitions -- they are always jaw-dropping exciting and, in a way, futuristic. I never fail to be a little shocked and also laugh a bit, which is a sign of great art, no?
Naked Composer Series: Britten; Donna Dralle

Bunny and I headed to the Mall of America to do a bit of shopping and were lucky enough to be able to meet the 2011 Playboy Playmate of the Year, Claire Sinclair. She was there signing autographs and posing for photos, but also making an appearance in a fashion show showing off the new vintage-inspired fashions for sale in the mall's new Bettie Page store.

Photo by Bunny Ultramod

Miss Sinclair's sister and Playboy model Angela Marie was along as well. We chatted for a bit before the fashion show began. Sounds like the two of them are having fun in Minnesota! I hope they were able to make some time to visit some of the vintage stores in town -- I tipped them off to my favorites.

Here's to starting this week off with another bang and a bombshell, Chester!