Sunday, October 30, 2011

Coco Gets Her Wings

Alas, I was not a prodigy child pilot -- not a Doogie Howser of the Skies, if you will. This photo is merely a document of my very first flight. Make no mistake, this is certainly an event worth noting, but it's definitely best to note it from the cockpit.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Drag Queens, Alpaca Clothes, 1968, and One Giant Cocktail

Would've written sooner, but I got caught behind this giant cocktail at Thom Pham's Wondrous Azian Kitchen.

The one night I don't wear my lashes.

It's called a Wondrous Punch and, from what I can tell, anyone who drinks it will lose count of how many they've had while drinking their first one.

Bunny and I got this crazy drink at the after party (at Thom Pham's Wondrous Azian Kitchen) for the traveling production of La Cage Aux Folles, starring George Hamilton and Christopher Sieber.

It was fun to see Hamilton in person, but Sieber absolutely stole the show. He got caught behind my massive cocktail, too, and we found out together that, just like La Cage, the Wonderous Punch also comes with an intermission.

One activity going on right now (through February 2012) that will make you feel like you've had plenty to drink even if you haven't is the Minnesota History Center's 1968 exhibit. With all of the psychedelia, it just might start to feel as though the room is spinning -- but in a good way. Recreated living room scenes, loops of old television shows, a record-cover maker, and Janis Joplin's pants are just a tiny sampling of what this exhibition has to offer. There are even some pieces from the Apollo 8 mission.

The cold weather makes it really easy to see who is in denial -- they're all still dressing like it's summertime. Ridiculous. Nobody looks good hunched over and shivering in their club clothes, yet there they are every fall and winter. Morons.

It's especially silly not to dress warm when there are so many adorable, fashionable cold-weather clothes to wear.
The Utku fashion show this past week had more than a few great examples. Being a Peruvian fashion show, many of the clothes featured crocheted designs made with alpaca yarn. There were a few designs that featured untamed muppet-like alpaca hair, too, which were my favorite. Scruffy hats that come to a point, floor-length sweater-coats, and even boot covers got me excited for the cold weather. It all looked so mod!

Let's all remember that we can keep warm by dancing, too. And trying to set fire to each other while dancing.

Interstitial entertainment between designers at Utku.

Stop, drop, and roll, Chester!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Headed West: Art and Architecture

Tropical cocktails at Tiki Ti

Saw Catechism Cataclysm -- LOVED it. Stood outside the Museum of Death, but didn't go during this trip.

Bradbury Building. Many films were shot here, including Bladerunner.

The artists names are Neck Face and Fuck This Life, therefore, Bunny and I had to see this art show.

Shoes at LACE Gallery in Hollywood, circles are the window detail at El Coyote Mexican Restaurant.

Things got groovy at MOCA, baby.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Headed West: Food

Sugar Cookie with Sprinkles on Olvera Street

                                Meat counter at L.A. farmer's market            Bennett's homemade ice cream at L.A. farmer's market                                                                

Rose-flavored ice cream! Intense at first, then subtle and delicious.

Watermelon frozen yogurt with strawberry beads.

Headed West

Photos by Bunny Ultramod
Was great spending time in New York City, but I decided I needed to even things out a bit. Spent last week in Los Angeles, having adventures in Hollywood, and even heading to the coast via the enchanting Pacific Coast Highway. Two oceans in three weeks? Can't complain.

Must admit there was some business to attend to out there; it wasn't all fun and games. Well, it wasn't all games, anyway. More to come, Chester!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

21 Club (again)

Visited 21 again (never have to twist my arm really) to help ring in their brand new bar. It was September 17 and the bar was only about a week and a half old when I sidled up and ordered a martini (What? No orange bitters?), mom ordered a lavender lime rickey, and we shared an order of mini 21 burgers made from top ground round, chuck, dry-aged sirloin, and duck fat.

Had fun talking to the new bartenders, Risto and Matthew. Tried a beer by Brooklyn Breweries called Jack and Charlie's, named for 21's original owners. I'm not a fan of beer, but this is the only place that sells it, so I had to give it a try. Mom liked it, saying it had a really good, distinct micro-brew taste.

Mom and I then headed into the dining area and shared a 21-day aged sirloin steak. We sat under a toy Tru-Value truck, which may sound funny, but toys are actually part of 21's classic decor. It all started when Howard Hughes himself gave the restaurant a toy-sized Spruce Goose -- it's still there, too. It wasn't long before other barons of business followed suit. Now the entire ceiling has toys suspended from it.

The steak was delicious, by the way. And when Anthony, our head waiter, found out it was my birthday (I made sure to tell him) he brought me a delicious dessert, complete with candle, and kept my glass full of champagne.

Got another tour of the wine cellar, too. I love it down there.

Spoke a bit about my love for the 21 Club, its history, and my tour of the famous wine cellar on the Bunny and Coco Get Smashed podcast, which also features special guest, Susan Marks, who talks about her latest documentary, Of Dolls and Murder.

Have a listen, Chester!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Of Dolls and Murder, Dog Sitting, and James J. Hill

Roscoe meets Scott Seekins
I've been dogsitting for the past couple weeks. He's an adorable little fellow, Roscoe, unfortunately I've been too busy to keep him much company. So much so that he's begun taking himself on his own walkies. It's terrible, I know. And I felt really bad until I've seen what he's been up to.
Roscoe looking for giant table scraps
Went to the Minnesota premiere of Susan Marks' documentary Of Dolls and Murder. Great name for a movie,  isn't it? It's an amazing movie, too, and you must see it. Order it. You'll find out about Francis Glessner Lee, a woman and a pioneer in the early days of murder investigation, and how her dollhouse murder scenes continue to aid investigators today, and the influence on modern CSI tactics -- in real life and on television.

Recently did a podcast with Susan Marks, too, so you can find out more about her movie direct from her. Bunny and I also discuss cocktails with her, after all, the podcast is called Bunny and Coco Get Smashed. We named it after our book. Feel free to order that, too.

Visited something much bigger than a dollhouse recently -- the James J. Hill house in St. Paul is massive. (You can vote every day to help restore the pipe organ) It's a pretty extravagant place; there are faces everywhere, carved in the wood that practically covers the inside of the house. I saw hand-tooled leather wallpaper, a golden ceiling, and a silver vault. Just getting decorating tips, really. Need to spruce my place up a bit. Didn't see a bar anywhere, though, but I don't really need inspiration in that area. I'm set.

Off to walk the dog, Chester!