Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hollywood Museum

A trip to the Hollywood Museum! This building used to be the Max Factor makeup shop and factory. The main floor is still devoted to Max Factor, with displays of adorable makeup containers as well as rooms devoted to "Redheads Only" like Lucille Ball, "Blondes Only" like Marylin Monroe, and "Brownettes Only" like Judy Garland.

The second and third floors are a hodge-podge of collections, along with a special Marylin Monroe exhibit. The basement is devoted to horror, adventure, and cult films. Hannibal Lector's cell is down there, too.

My favorite part of the museum was visiting Roddy McDowall's bathroom! That's right, they have it on the second floor decorated just as it was when it was in his house. Everybody who was anybody in Hollywood used that bathroom, as Roddy was just as famous for his parties as he was for being in the movies.

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